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All of your Member Resources are now available inside Health EnSure:

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  • Electronic Forms & Printable PDF Forms

  • Preauthorization Lists

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  • Status of your Claims

  • More!

Benny Card


SAS is pleased to announce the addition of Flex Benefit Cards for SAS Customers!

Be sure to read and download the FSA New OTC Laws 2011.

If you are a SAS customer looking to activate your new Benny Card, click the following link:

To access card balances, expenditures, and account status click below:

* Durbin Amendment/Benny Prepaid Benefits Card Update *
As of 4/1/2013 you now have the option to pay using a PIN (Personal Indentification Number) when you use your Benny Card. To create a PIN, please call 1-866-898-9795. To use your PIN at the point of sale, simply select "Debit" and enter your PIN when prompted.

Using a PIN is not required. You can continue to sign for Benny Card purchases just as you have been doing in the past by choosing "Credit".

If you are a Select Administrative Services customer and would like more information, please contact SAS Customer Service at (800) 847-6621.