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If there is one drawback to the excellent cost-saving features of self-insuring your health plan, it is the exposure to risk. One critically ill employee, or an overall unexpected level of combined claims could drain your company's medical insurance fund. Stop-loss insurance products and strategies can prevent this nightmare from materializing. SAS interfaces with cutting edge carriers, brokers, and consultants who specialize in providing protection from excess risk while controlling the expenses associated with an insurance product. 

The most common reinsurance products/strategies used to assist in protecting employers are:

  • Specific Coverage

Specific Coverage protects the employer against unusually large claims by any one employee or family member. This type of coverage takes effect once the employer has paid out a certain dollar amount--typically $10,000 or more. Stop-loss insurance then pays the remaining covered expenses of the employee, up to the maximum amount allowed under the stop-loss policy.

  • Aggregate Coverage

Aggregate Coverage protects the employer against an unexpectedly high number of claims. With this type of stop-loss policy, the insurance coverage takes over after the aggregate claims paid by the employer reach a certain level, also up to the limits stated in the insurance contract.

  • Carve-out Programs

Carve-out Programs are designed to help mitigate the severity costs associated with certain exposures, such as organ transplants. These programs offer access to the best providers, reduce costs through known case rate contracts, and improve outcomes through case management.

SAS carefully reviews the industry ratings and assessments of the stop-loss carriers and brokers we use to ensure that your reinsurance program results in true overall risk reduction.

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