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Introducing Zelis™ Payments

SAS has selected Zelis™ Payments as our ePayment vendor to assist us in expediting payment and remittance transactions, as well as complying with PPACA Section 1104.

To sign up for ePayments using ACH or Virtual Payment Cards, as well as electronic remittances (835, Excel, PDF), please visit ZelisPayments.com, email membership@zelispayments.com, or call Zelis Payments Membership Department at 1-877-828-8834.

Please see the letter below for additional information regarding this program.

SAS Letter on Zellis Payments

SAS is excited to announce the addition of Health EnSure.

Health EnSure provides secure online access to:

  • Member Eligibility
  • Benefit Plan Information
  • Claim Status

If you need additional assistance,
please contact SAS Customer Service at (800) 847-6621.

Welcome, Allen Beverages Inc.!
SAS would like to Welcome this new group to the SAS Family.
Members, You can now View Your Claims Online!
SAS Members can now view and print their Claim EOBs (Explanation of Benefits)

Log into your Health Ensure Member Account today to see this new feature for SAS members. Your EOB is available for claims that have completed processing. Just click on the “View EOB” link next to the Claim ID number.